Articles Of The Week May 23, 2021

As it becomes legal in more places and consumption goes up, so does much of the hype around what cannabis can do. Specifically, people are looking to see if its use can help with chronic pain. Well, fortunately, our buddy Paul Ingraham tackled the issue for this article.

Marijuana for Pain – Paul Ingraham

We should always (when appropriate) encourage exercise and activity with our patients. Especially when people have been dealing with lockdowns, working from home, and any other thing that may have them in a position where they aren’t exercising as much we may want to look for some tips to pass on to them to get exercising again. This article has some great tips to just get people moving again.

Lockdown muscle loss: Five ways to get back in shape – David Brown

We all know how important mental health is, but do we talk about this very much amongst colleagues in our workplace? This article has some great advice around developing culture at work that places importance on this.

How to Talk About Mental Health in the Workplace – Haeli Harris

I don’t know about you, but I’m usually pretty good about starting an exercise program but have a tough time sticking with it. Here’s some great advice that we could use personally, but also use to give advice to patients.

How to Start Working Out (Consistently) – Jim Bathurst

Ever considered starting a blog for your massage practice? It can be a great way to get new patients to come in and also build your reputation. Here’s a lesson on how to start blogging and using appropriate science research to build around a blog post.

Science Blogging For Beginners – Nicolas Ng



Articles Of The Week May 9, 2021

Sometimes getting some focus is difficult, especially if you’ve been working on a project for an extended period. While these brain breaks are intended for kids, us adults could probably use one or two of them as well.

20 Energizing Brain Breaks For Kids – Lee Douglas

There are several courses out there professing how they can screen or predict injuries in athletes. So, what does the research say on predicting injuries in runners? Well, you’ll have to read this article to find out.

The Elusive Art of Predicting Running InjuriesAlex Hutchinson

Some really interesting stuff on helping people with pain. New research showing how interactions with a persons environment can influence a persons pain experience.

How Enactive Philosophy Can Transform the Treatment of Chronic Pain – Jenny Logan

We’re big fans of this podcast and big fans of Bronnie, so naturally we had to share this. They cover the clinical encounter and how it relates to a BPS framework.

The Massage Collective Podcast With – Bronnie Lennox Thompson

“As the body of knowledge to support the use of massage therapy continues to grow, understanding the basic science behind what we do and the guiding principles of adaptability enable us to apply this work to a number of pathologies.” Great to see this kind of information being developed.

Massage Therapy For The Postoperative Population; Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Ankle – Richard Lebert

Articles Of The Week April 25, 2021

Admitted from the authors, more research has to be done on this, but this is important. Many in our profession use essential oils, however, after this study, you may want to re-think this in your practice if you are using them.

Scientists find new evidence linking essential oils to seizures – Beth Newhart

There have been studies to show how blue light therapy can help with sleep and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but could it help with concussions? Well, we know massage is effective with helping sleep, so maybe both could be good?

Can Blue Light Therapy Help Concussion Symptoms? – Ashley Brzezicki

“There is no shortage of press about the positive effects of meditation on people, and there are plenty of studies to back them up. But there is also evidence—evidence that’s been growing for decades—that prolonged meditation can have a drastic negative impact on some people. This doesn’t make the practice bad, or invalidate the help it has given to many … but ask yourself if you’ve ever heard anything about the possible dangers of meditation. Why is that?”

Why Does Nobody Talk About The Dangers Of Meditation? – Jordan Heath-Rawlings

Could these COVID lockdowns be affecting our mental health? For sure! But there’s good reason why and it’s affecting how we focus along with other cognitive functions.

Brain fog: how trauma, uncertainty and isolation have affected our minds and memory – The Guardian

A number of years ago I took an IASTM course so I could save my hands. There were some pretty bold claims in the course and honestly I never really questioned it till years later. However, here’s the good and the bad of this technique.

IASTM Whatever Butters Your Bread – Taylor Laviolette

Articles Of The Week April 11, 2021

There is many a fanciful description behind many of the techniques that are taught in our profession. However, sadly, most of them aren’t true. It’s important for us to understand exactly how we are interacting with people while they’re on our table and the mechanisms behind what we do.

Mechanisms of Manual Therapy – Eric Purves

“In a major change of pain treatment policy, the National Institute for health and Care Excellence (Nice) say that in future, doctors should advise sufferers to use physical and psychological therapies rather than analgesics to manage their pain.” Good to see things are changing in the management of chronic pain.

Chronic pain sufferers should take exercise, not analgesics, says Nice – Denis Campbell

Marketing ourselves, or our practice can be time consuming and difficult, especially when it comes to social media. While this is directed at personal trainers, there’s a few tips you could use in promoting your practice as well.

How to Promote Personal Training on Instagram (Without Getting Half-Naked) – Meghan Callaway

Shin splints can be a difficult thing to help our patients manage. It’s a difficult area to try and stretch, but Rob gives some great advice on how to help with this video.

Shin Splints – Rob Haddow

I was honoured to be on The Concast podcast with Conor this week. We talk about exercise and movement within a clinical setting, make sure you subscribe to his podcast!

The Concast: Episode #63 – Conor Collins & Me!


Articles Of The Week April 4, 2021

Social media is an interesting thing. Sometimes people share things without thinking about it other times there’s plenty of thought put into it. When it comes to our professional associations, they have a responsibility to make sure anything they are sharing is not only accurate but also good for the profession as a whole. We need to hold them to a higher standard.

If professional associations don’t read the studies they share, then who does? – Tristen Attenborough

This could be a game-changer for the chiropractic profession (at least here in British Columbia). Their regulator is taking away their ability to do routine x-rays unless there is a history of red flags in a patient’s intake. We know that more imaging is not conducive to good outcomes, so it will be interesting to see what happens here.

Battle over chiropractors’ ability to do routine X-rays headed for B.C. court– Bethany Lindsay

Great info around the limitations of MRI in detecting what someone is actually feeling or thinking, and whether MRI can find a ‘signature’ for pain. Along with emotional learning and pain. Make sure to give this one a listen.

Podcast With Dr. Melissa Farmer on Pain and Emotional Learning – Todd Hargrove & Melissa Farmer

Sometimes it can be tough spotting what is ‘good science’ vs ‘bad science’. This is especially true in many online debates within our profession. These are five great ways to know if someone is trying to mislead you in those arguments…I mean discussions.

5 ways to spot if someone is trying to mislead you when it comes to science. – Hassan Vally

I remember one of my teachers in college saying: “you may have people come in for treatment just to be touched”. We all know how important human touch is, but what happens during times like this where touch is limited, and how can we handle it? Read on to find out.

Humans are made to be touched — so what happens when we aren’t? – Mary Halton

Articles Of The Week March 21, 2021

Richard always does a great job compiling resources for us all to learn from. Here’s his list of the best podcasts for Massage Therapists and we’re honoured to be mentioned.

Best Podcasts For Massage Therapists – Richard Lebert

This is a condition I have only seen a few times in practice, so it’s great to listen in on those with a bit more experience. Listen in to learn more about Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: What You Didn’t Know – Whitney Lowe & Til Luchau

Setting goals and having them come to fruition can sometimes be difficult. That’s where having a playbook might be helpful. Check out how a playbook in life can be a thorough plan of action to achieve your intentions.

Building Your Playbook! – Scott Livingston

A great chat looking at pain from a different approach (at least for us manual therapists). Rachel Zoffness is a pain psychologist, so very interesting to listen to how a psychologist helps people with pain.

Healing Our Pandemic – Dr. Zubin Damania & Rachell Zoffness

Okay for once I’m putting myself in the articles of the week. Had a great chat with Matt Phillips about staying evidence informed. It doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, but it is necessary!

How To Stay Evidence Informed – Matt Phillips & ME!