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Articles Of The Week November 22, 2020

As we continually push for evidence-based practice in our profession there is often discussion around the techniques we use when treating people and whether they are evidence-based techniques.  However, it’s important to remember that what we do, is important and we have value. “Your Work, Your Massage Therapy Techniques, YOU Still Matter” – Chrystal Ladoucer While this […]

4 Instant Ways To Assess And Move For OA Of The Hip

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been discussing different ways we can help patients who are dealing with OA of the hip. Here are some relatively simple assessments you can do, which will also be great as homecare exercises! When looking at all of these movements/tests it is recommended that you demonstrate it once […]

Proven Ways To Increase Strength, Endurance, And Flexibility Of The Hip

Last week we had a post all about helping patients with OA of the hip. One of the big recommendations was doing exercises that would help with strength, endurance, and flexibility of the hip.  Here’s a series of exercises I learned back in college (from a pretty great instructor) that I believe would help with […]