This is a collaborative blog and we want you to be a part of it. If you would like to contribute, we want to give back to you. So we will include outbound links within the text or your bio in addition to a social media account. Sorry, affiliate or commission links will not be allowed.

What we would like to see

We want engaging and actionable articles

Having great success with certain techniques?

Try something new to market yourself or your practice with amazing results?

Are you focusing your practice in specific areas and think it would benefit others?

Good! We want to hear from you! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in practice for 1 or 25 years, went to school for 500 or 3000 hours.

If what you’re doing works and solves a common problem, the letters behind your name don’t matter. We are interested in what you can offer others to grow personally and professionally.

Have some fun with what you send us. Tell a story, include jokes, anecdotes and be yourself. Please keep it to the point and remember:

The point is to help other Massage Therapists

Please make the articles actionable for other therapists to put into practice. Please no “rants” or put downs of other modalities, therapists or practices. This is all about helping each other. If we get better, the patient gets better.

Every article must contain one take-away the reader can implement.

What type of content?

  • How to market your practice
  • Methods/techniques you find success with
  • “Specialty” focus in practice
  • Time management
  • Clinic agreements
  • CEC’s you have found beneficial
  • Other therapists you see doing great things in your community
  • Creating passive income
  • Other skills you incorporate into your practice
  • I.e.: yoga, personal training, doula etc.

How to Submit

Please submit all content directly to theMTDC’s content manager at MTDCeditorial@gmail.com.

No submissions in any other form will be accepted.