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Red Cross Standard First Aid Recertification For RMT’s


This is a blended online and in-person course, which consists of 4 hours online learning and 3-4 hours in person.  All content is delivered for you to gain confidence with a medical emergency that happens within your clinical setting.



Sport First Responder Recertification


This course is designed and delivered for medical professionals working in sports environments.

Comprehensive first aid and CPR skills for professional first responders or those training to become first responders. Course teaches the patient assessment model, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hemorrhage control, and care for a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Participants will be engaged in dynamic training techniques including video, media presentations, skills demonstrations, practice sessions, discussions and scenarios based on real-life situations.



Clinical Applications of Pain Science: Manual Therapy, Exercise and Rehabilitation Principles for RMTs


This 2-day course will focus on reconceptualising pain, manual therapy and the role of RMT’s in healthcare. The focus will be on how to use manual therapy and therapeutic exercise in a manner that is consistent with the evidence and theories of how multiple factors can impact pain, movement, performance and disability.

The course provides the opportunity to learn how modifications of traditional therapeutic practices can increase success and improve patient outcomes. It aims to decrease practitioner stress and increase confidence when working with routine and complex patients.

Discussion, observation, practical applications and small group work will be used to emphasize key learning objectives.

About the instructors

Jamie Johnston RMT is the founder of  He is passionate about furthering the professionalism and education of RMT’s.  He is also a firefighter, first aid instructor, and former clinical supervisor at WCCMT – Victoria.  His teaching style, sense of humour and humility has consistently received fantastic reviews from those who have attended his courses

Eric Purves BSc, RMT co-owns Achieve Health, a multidisciplinary clinic in Victoria, BC. He has been an RMT since 2006.  With support from the RMTBC, and the Pain Management Advanced Practice Group, Eric helped develop a chronic pain management workshop for RMT’s that he teaches through PainBC. He has been on PainBC’s education faculty since 2016. He currently is completing his Masters in Rehabilitation Science at UBC where he has been studying the application of research evidence in healthcare practice.

Learning objectives

  • Pain has more to do with sensitivity than damage
  • The distinctions between tissue health, biomechanics and their role in pain and exercise.
  • Understanding of how existing manual and practical skills can be effectively modified to improve patient outcomes
  • Understanding of new evidence-based frameworks on persistent pain to enhance practice, improve outcomes, and decrease practitioner stress
  • Increase understanding of self-management and to improve RMT’s abilities to teach self-management to their clients.