Dr. Erson Religioso III

Dr. Erson Religioso III, DPT, MS, MTC, CertMDT, CFC, CSCS, FMS, FMT, FAAOMPT, graduated from D’Youville College in 1998 with a dual Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy. His interests in Orthopaedics and Manual Therapy lead him to pursue a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine. Studying under StanleyParis, Ph.D, PT, internationally known for his manual skills and knowledge of the spine as well as his distinguished faculty, Dr.Religioso earned his DPT and Manual Therapy Certification in 2000. He later became credentialed in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of the Spine in 2000, and in 2008 became one of four mentors in the country who can train orthopaedic manual therapy to MDT Diplomats, of which there are only several hundred in the world.

Thanks to extensive training and certification from Dr. Mariano Rocabado, PT, of Chile, one of the world’s foremost experts in treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction, Dr. Religioso became certified in evaluation and treatment of oromaxillary, craniofacial, and temporomandibular pain in 2005. Later in 2005, he obtained Fellow status in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists and serves as a mentor for future Fellows through Daemen College’s Fellowship in OMPT program. He recently became certified in FMS level 1 in December 2011 and expects certification in level 1 of the Selective Functional Movement Assessment soon. In January 2013, Dr. Religioso became an official FMT level 2 certified Rock Doc, a state of the art method of kinesiotaping. In mid to late 2013, Dr. Religioso is pursuing courses leading to the completion of the Postural Restoration Institute’s PRC Certification.

Dr. Religioso is adjunct faculty of D’Youville College, Daemen College, and SUNY at Buffalo, where he teaches orthopaedic manual physical therapy in the DPT programs. He founded themanualtherapist.com to help mentor and teach professionals around the world and physioanswers.com to help educate consumers and the general public on the profession of physical/physiotherapy. He also is the creator of the EDGE Tool, a high quality stainless steel tool for assisted soft tissue manipulation, the EDGEility Tool, a lower cost, high quality plastic tool for IASTM, the CupEDGE, silicone cups for cupping massage and assisted tissue manipulation, theEDGE Mobility Bands, for enhancing mobility with compression wrapping and self mobilization from neck to foot, and the Stop Thought Viruses Challenge, for individuals in chronic/persistent pain states. He also is an importer of high quality Mirror Boxes for pain, arthritis, stroke rehab, and neuroorthopaedic problems.

In 2013, courses in the continental US, Canada, and Chile will be available on the Eclectic Approach to TMD and Facial Pain, Neurodynamics, Soft Tissue Manipulation feat. the EDGE, Spinal Thrust Manipulation, and Assessment and Treatment of the Upper and Lower Quarter (2 separate courses).