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Pathologizing: Our Words Matter

As a physical therapist trained in the 1980’s, biomechanical explanations for pain and movement disorders were the norm. As I drifted into a myofascial release manual therapy in the early 1990’s, the biomechanical model was reinforced and made more narrow through the beliefs that pain and movement dysfunction stem from issues of fascial tightness/restriction. All had […]

The Power Of Touch And Presence Vs. Modality Specific Beliefs

  Disclaimer: I teach continuing education seminars for a living. When we touch patients in a therapeutic intervention, how many different “things” or actions can we really be accomplishing? How many different structures can we really make contact with or elicit change? With higher levels of training come apparent deeper and more precise technique and […]

Hacking Your Way Through The Jungle Of Research Claims

“When we place our hands on a patient and act/move in certain ways our patients improve.” Social media receives a good deal of criticism from folks who feel it is the ultimate waste of time…though those same folks are usually posting these opinions on social media. Research “findings” are frequently posted on mass media sites, […]