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How to Screen if the Cervical Spine is Impacting Shoulder Pain. (Yes it’s in Your Scope!)

We’ve spent the last couple weeks at The Massage Development Center exploring a variety of shoulder diagnoses and treatments. But what happens when shoulder pain isn’t coming from a source in the glenohumeral joint or its structures? Are you able to screen for these conditions? Now, I am a physical therapist and it was in […]

What a Pain in the Groin!

  I watch a lot of hockey….like A LOT of hockey.  It seems like every offseason there are at least a handful of players having surgery for femoral acetabular impingement (FAI), “hernia” repairs and/or abdominal “tears.” Whenever there is a huge increase in certain procedures, I’m always a little suspect whether it’s just the latest […]

Using “AIDET” To Successfully Communicate With Your Patients

  In school, we are taught a list of history questions to ask patients. But,  how often do we allow patients to ask us questions?  And should we? The Journal of American Medical Association Neurology recently published an opinion commentary addressing fundamental questions every patient has but never asks.  While the article is geared towards […]

When You SHOULD NOT Treat Your Patients Thoracic Pain

When I was in physical therapy school, PTs in the States didn’t have direct access.  I figured I needed to mainly focus on differential diagnosis of musculoskeletal issues and not worry about cancer or visceral referral pattern.  However, the States slowly has been adopting direct access for physical therapy and I also learned that regardless […]