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Articles of the Week – January 17, 2021

It’s out of scope for many of us in our professions and jurisdictions to recommend medications. However, it’s important to retain knowledge about the effects of drugs, especially extremely common NSAIDs, on musculoskeletal injuries in our clients. What Every Physiotherapist Needs to Know about NSAIDs and Musculoskeletal Injuries – Claire Knott   A physiotherapists documents […]

Articles of the Week – January 10, 2020

As therapists, we commonly treat symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. However, it can be difficult to differentiate dizziness onset by cervicogenic factors from those from vestibular and other systemic causes. This article gives us a brief overview that can assist with our reasoning. A Brief Overview of Cervical Dizziness – Erson Religioso   We’ve […]