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The First Breathing Strategy You Should Be Teaching

We’ve done several interviews with our friend Keith Meldrum who deals with persistent pain. One of the things he says really helps is just simply breathing. Some patients are very sensitized, in severe pain, unable to move and/or have extremely high anxiety. These are not people who generally respond to repeated motions, mobilization/manipulation or other […]

Knee Tilt Mobilizations – Improve Knee Flexion Past 90

This is one of my favorite old school manual therapy techniques I learned while in Fellowship with the University of St. Augustine. When my current techniques of tibial IR, lateral tibial glide, or other Functional Mobilizations I do in closed chain don’t work to improve knee flexion, I try this knee tilt. It can be […]

[REVIEW] Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

  After being in PT for almost 20 years, I’ve spent the last 5 years looking at methods outside of traditional physical therapy and patient education. Everyone is searching for the elusive magic bullet that will help the non-responders. That is why I started studying mindfulness, nutrition, and sleep. I’ve touched upon sleep here before. […]