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Are The Days Of Assessing Movement Over

In all honesty in its current format the answer here has to be an unreserved YES, we should STOP assessing movement. This opinion is based on the two predominant concepts we appear to have currently when assessing movement. Firstly the concept that a deviation from a movement or muscle firing ‘ideal’ is the cause of […]

Pain Education – What Might Make It More Effective

  Pain education is a valuable tool for some, but certainly not all, patients. It can help to provide a narrative or explanation for problems that may remain unexplained by ‘traditional’ medicine or therapy. This paper HERE regarding chronic lower back pain explores what people are looking for from a visit to a therapist. “more than […]

Self-Efficacy A Well Used Term But Well Understood?

Self-efficacy is a term banded around in therapy quite regularly at the moment especially as more active approaches to rehabilitation are being embraced. So we have to ask exactly what does it mean, why does it matter and how do we improve it? In fact, my twitter friend/colleague Jerry Durham asked me this question whilst […]